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Quality and Consistency



All jobs that come through to Glenside are created
with a certain Quality that only a small family run business can hope to achieve.






We have accurate, modern equipment and regularly trained staff to extract the best out of our machinery.


Try us - You won't be disappointed.










Dealing with Glenside Printing assures you Peace of Mind.





Our studio is fitted out with new Apple Mac's and PC's,
so we are able to handle just about any type of file.




Digital media can be sent either by email
or by using our secure FTP server.


Click on the FTP tab for more details
or to set up a free ftp account.

Envelope Overprinting
Wahli Envelope Feeder







Although we have produced millions of envelopes for our clients over the past years, a brief market study recently prepared by us has shown a large gap for this particular market in South Wales and the surrounding areas.







We are now very pleased to be able to offer you our increased capacity for a speedy, competitive service in this niche market after purchasing another world renowned, Swiss made Wahli Stream Feeder system. This new feed system allows a seamless stream of either gummed or self seal envelopes to be fed into any of our Heidelberg presses and coupled with the conveyor belt delivery, now gives us the productivity to overprint up to 100,000 multi-colour envelopes per day.







We can supply quality, printed, competively priced envelopes suitable for your needs or simply just overprint on your own envelopes.


It's up to you! No pressure. It's your call.

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